Rozenblat Sp. z o.o. - About Us

Rozenblat Sp. z o.o. (previously Taboss Sp. z o.o.) continues its business within geotechnical materials. For nearly 10 years, our business has been geotextiles widely used in geotechnology and support structures industries.

For the benefit of our Customers, we provide design support as well as professional information services and instant completion of the orders placed.

For many years, we have been following the same and constant principles:
- expert knowledge in delivering any piece of information
- cooperation with the best geotechnology professionals
- providing support at all investment stages
- professional order processing (quick and accurate)
- as a result of the above – satisfaction to our Customers

Everything we do in our business is aimed at keeping the environment unchanged.

Rozenblat Sp. z o.o. grows on rich family traditions of business making and trade. The picture shows the confiscated plant owned by the Rozenblat family.